prayers of the people

You guys. I couldn’t love more the concept behind the new book Prayers of the People (out now on Amazon!). Here’s a shameless quote from the back:

What does it look like when a whole city prays?

What would it sound like if you joined them?

Written by artists, attorneys, bankers, ballet dancers, and Christians representing dozens of callings, Prayers of the People is a record of those who seek the still, small voice of God in one of the busiest cities on earth.

In this moving compilation, Christians throughout the city of New York, in vocations stretching from high fashion to high finance, share their personal prayers. Their circumstances are unique, but the themes occupying their meditations are universal: sin, grace, and, ultimately, hope.

This book is organized as a month-long devotional, with a prayer for each morning and each evening. I love that the book both invites us into the lives of others and also encourages us to pray for those whose daily lives and professions are so different from our own, while highlighting how we all struggle with and long for the same things.

So there’s that. Please go check it out.  It will change how you pray. And added bonus: I’m published in it! So there’s that, too.

(Oh, and once you buy the book, make sure to read the Acknowledgements and Forward first, both of which are beautiful and challenging and so worth the read.)

prayers of the people_cover

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  1. tutu384

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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